More from the runway at Santa Fe Fashion Week

Here are a few more exceptional models wrapped in Kathy Beal Signature luxurious silk scarves on the runway at Santa Fe Fashion Week 2016:

First up - the dazzling Emily Snell wearingCelestial Solstice, a large 48" square scarf which, when worn like this top has a beautiful bow in the back.

And, next up, Stacy Kay Romero with the full package: Deep Blue Sapphire - 20"x80" silk scarf, computer tote, and high top Kathy Beal Signature Sneakers!  This scarf has been belted which not only helps to keep the scarf in place, but creates a very feminine look over any body suit.

Stay tuned! We're working really hard to get the sneakers on the website...should be just a few more days!

Photography by Lorrie Latham. Santa Fe Fashion Week 2016