Happy Spring!

Spring is here, according to the calendar anyway.  We have an overcast, rainy and colder day here in Santa Fe, but Spring is in our minds and in our hearts.

Here is the story on one of my overlooked scarves, in the Spring Promise Collection, "Winged Indigo":

The deep indigo color comes from a bearded iris in my garden - it is one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, and the colors range from deep blue, purple, indigo, and almost black.

Above is the photo of the bearded iris from my garden, and the resulting art piece that is the key for the scarf design.

And here is the final design for the scarf - Winged Indigo.  Spring is about air, new beginnings, birds of flight, and this design reminds me of elegant birds flapping their wings in flight with the essence of the flower remaining.

This scarf would make a lovely addition to your spring and summer wardrobe - and it looks amazing with winter white.