Red has always been my favorite color. To me it represents passion, warmth, compassion, and the source of my creativity - much like the fiery molten lava at the center of the earth.

I prefer red foods: ketchup over mustard, raspberry jam over apricot, cherry pie over blueberry pie, (well, that one is close...) red life savers and jelly bellies, and here in New Mexico the answer to "red, green, or Christmas?" is always red.

My closet is full of red jackets, sweaters, and of course scarves. And I love Native American red coral jewelry.

In my abstract painting days my mantra was "when in doubt start with red" and I'd open the tube of crimson paint to make my first marks on the canvas.

So, when I was thinking about Valentine's Day - the day (or season!) of passion, I dove into my red collections to make some new art pieces.

Here are a few of those new images, with an old favorite too - just in time for all of you thinking about love and passion: