This project couldn't have come together without the help of many others working tirelessly for the past six months.

First and foremost, Chaz Walter and Dragonfly Labs, the creative genius behind the web design, the logo, the product photography, and the packaging.  He wanted to create a website and brand that was worthy of my scarves, and now I want to make sure my scarves are worthy of the website and brand...awesome to work with and highly recommended.

 Le Feliciano and Lisa Hanard at Morgan Chaney worked with me to get the exact right color on the new Kathy Beal Signature boxes, the perfect branded tissue paper and stickers; a truly luxurious packaging combination.  Many thanks!

The product itself is produced by The Silk Bureau the absolute best in the business of digital textile printing for the fashion industry.  Their 25 years of expertise and innovation in the digital printing world makes my designs come alive, and they are absolutely delightful to work with.

The finishing touches on the silk, cutting and hemming, are done under the supervision of fashion designer Renee Lowe of Alicia Renee Designs.  Her attention to detail is second to none and she makes sure that every scarf is finished to perfection.

Last, but not least, working behind the scenes, taking care of the regulatory parts of the business, and boosting my moral when needed (yes, a few champagne corks were popped in this process...) my husband, Richard Beal.

Many, many thanks to all of you for helping me to express my visions of beauty by bringing  Kathy Beal Signature into the world.