Scarf tying - the "4 in hand"

Lots of women ask me how to tie their Kathy Beal Signature scarves.  There a myriad of ways, from simple to complex.  Here is one that's actually simple to do but looks complex and elegant: the "4 in Hand":

Step 1: Fold the scarf in half.
Step 2: Place the scarf around the back of your neck with a loop on one side and the ends on the other.
Step 2: Pull one of the ends through the loop.
Step 3: Twist the loop.
Step 4: Pull the other end of the scarf through the loop.
Step 5: Adjust the scarf for fit so it lies flat on your chest.

And here's my Winter Rose Boquet from my Winter Gems Collection done in the 4 in Hand knot - simple and elegant!