Above the Clouds - Antarctica

Here is the back story of the image that became "Above the Clouds"

In January of 2009 I ventured out on an expedition to Antarctica.  You could call me an accidental adventurer - I don't really fit the expedition mold.  However, I had confidence in the expedition's leader, John Paul Caponigro whom I had been working with since 2001, developing my photography and my art.  And he had already survived multiple trips to this amazing continent.  Its not to say I didn't have my fears - I had full on panic attacks once I landed in South America - especially about crossing the Drake Passage, a turbulent 2 day journey in a rather small ship.  But armed with a box full of sea sickness patches, buoyed by my fellow photographers, who were just as nervous, we took off out of Ushuaia, the southernmost tip of South America, towards our destination.

The Drake was rough, but after two days, we met with calmer seas.  The weather was bleak, overcast and rainy, but we were all itching to get off the ship, so we looked forward to our "landings".  One of our first stops was a beach in the Southern Shetland Islands:

And, just to explain a "landing".  There are no docks here for the ship to anchor next to while we all walk down the gang plank onto shore.  All landings are done via 10 person zodiacs, in which we are all dressed in bulky waterproof parkas, life vests, and waterproof boots, with various plastic bags to protect our camera gear.  Even in small seas, the zodiacs can be tricky getting in and out of.

Having made it to shore, I optimistically looked around for something to shoot to make art out of. Here's what I found - some colorful granite stones:

They don't look like much, but when viewed through an out of focus camera lens, the light and color start to take on interesting forms:

Back on the ship, I worked with the above image to create this piece of art, which became the source for my "Above the Clouds" scarf:

Here is the final scarf design:

And, finally, the scarf!

So, that's the story!  When you wear this scarf, you're not just wearing a beautiful piece of silk - you are wearing an actual artifact from my maiden voyage to Antarctica!

Above the Clouds is printed on the sheerest silk Georgette and would make a wonderful addition to any woman's wardrobe.  You can use coupon code S50 to get a special offer of $50 off of your order.